How to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

How to prevent bicycle accidentsAll across the United States, individuals are turning to bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation.

Many times, bikes are a suitable replacement for automobiles, especially when an individual has just a short distance to travel. Bicycle accident prevention, while on the road, should be your prime focus. Nothing can ruin a nice, sunny California day as a bike accident with a motor vehicle.

To assure bicycle accident prevention, you should stay far enough from the curb that the motorist doesn’t assume that you are going to turn. If you are in a turning lane and plan on going through the intersection, then move out of the turning lane.

In fact, if you are stopped at the intersection, you can get behind the vehicle and act as another vehicle – move with the traffic. Stay out of the motorist’s blind spot, make sure that you are in front or slightly ahead of the motor vehicle, look to your side and verify eye contact.

Fortunately, though, bicycle accident prevention is the responsibility of a smart, prepared, and skilled rider. Before hitting the road, bicycle riders should always remember to:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Pay attention with your eyes and ears to everything around you
  • Don’t have earphones blaring music in your ears
  • Make eye contact with motorists that may impact your riding path
  • Stay out of drivers’ blind spots
  • Avoid cutting drivers off
  • Use the bike lane when available

Remember – it takes two to have a collision. One or both persons must not be paying attention, disregarding safety considerations, and/or not realizing the other’s intentions. Therefore, most and possibly all accidents are avoidable if you realize the situation and react accordingly.

Drivers guilty of negligence may be liable for the injuries they inflict on unassuming cyclists.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury because a negligent driver hit you while you were riding your bike, let the Riverside personal injury law offices of Gary G. Goldberg fight for the compensation you deserve because your recovery needs to be your first priority.

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