The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 60,000 pedestrians are injured every year while more than 5,000 are killed.  The most common cause of pedestrian accidents is a distracted driver.

Our roads are filled with negligent drivers – drivers who are too distracted with their cell phones, reading or something else to pay attention. There are drivers who speed, don’t stop at a red light or turn into a crosswalk without looking.  Don’t forget the drivers who ignore the pedestrian right-of-way or are just rude.  All of these drivers present a risk to innocent pedestrians.Pedestrian laws apply to those walking, running, roller skating, jogging or skateboarding through the streets.  When these laws are broken and you sustain an injury, you need legal help from an experienced professional. Call me for the professional legal assistance you need.

In 2011, there was a 3% increase in the number of pedestrian accident fatalities recorded across the country.  In Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to ring in the New Year, with a safer environment for pedestrians.  He has announced a pedestrian safety initiative that will enhance the number of crosswalks at intersections.

According to the new pedestrian safety initiative announced by Mayor Villaraigosa, walking conditions in Los Angeles for pedestrians will be improved with the Installation of visible crosswalks at several intersections across the city.  The first crosswalk, which is being installed as part of the initiative, was unveiled recently at a press conference.  Over the next 3 months, Los Angeles residents can expect several more crosswalks to be painted.

The intersections where these crosswalks will be installed have all been chosen because they have been the scene of some deadly and injurious accidents.  All of these intersections have a much higher risk of accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Even as the number of fatalities in all kinds of other traffic accidents has been declining, pedestrian accident lawyer were shocked to discover that there was a 3% increase in pedestrian accident fatalities in 2011.  People who choose to walk to work are simply not safe in many parts of the country, and also in California, which has a poor pedestrian safety environment.

Pedestrians can reduce the risk of injuries by crossing only at marked crosswalks.  Avoid crossing at busy intersections.  Avoid all distractions while walking.  Additionally, motorists must be educated about the need to yield to pedestrians and respect their right-of-way, which very often doesn’t happen.