Long Term Disabling Back Injuries

People from all walks of life suffer through many different types of personal injuries – through no fault of their own.

While vehicular accidents account for many of these injuries, people can find themselves with serious injuries from a myriad of different causes, often the result of someone else’s negligence.

It could be a sudden back injury from lifting a package at work or falling on concrete while reaching for something on a high shelf.

Have you ever pulled your back at work? A surprising amount of workers suffer from back injuries, but what makes one back injury a short-term incident, while others can turn into a chronic, long-term disability?

This has been a long-time puzzling question for researchers who have examined the risk factors in long-term disabilities after a back injury. They looked at many different variables, including job characteristics, employer response, psychological factors, and health care providers.

Their goal was to help target those at risk and work on prevention for long-term disability due to a back injury. While there were many risk factors involved, the ones that stood out the most included:

  • Severe initial back injury
  • Pain that spread down the leg
  • Previous injuries resulting in time off work – more than one month
  • Did they see a specialist, chiropractor, or primary care doctor?
  • Did employer provide a lighter workload?
  • Was job stressful?

Results showed that whether or not the initial back injury was severe was definitely a factor and that psychological factors were not significant risk factors.

A primary concern for workers who sustain a back injury is medical care. Health insurance can cover critical, short-term care, but rarely covers the ongoing care a long-term disability could require.

Secondly, what about the impact on income should one be unable to work for an extended time? How would one be able to pay their bills?

Planning for disability is extremely important because a serious accident or illness can occur at any age, and happens more frequently than most people realize. Statistics show that one in five individuals will experience a disability, according to the U. S. Census Bureau. A study shows that more than 152 million Americans between the ages of 21 and 64 during their prime working years have some form of disability.

Options other than paying for long-term care from personal funds are usually limited. If the individual is disabled and/or over 65 years old, Medicare may pay for some expenses. If the individual exhausts all of their financial assets, and qualifies for it, Medicaid may kick in.

Long-term care insurance is a good solution. It is the best kind of assistance for an individual who would require help with daily activities, such as eating, bathing, dressing, transferring from a bed to a chair. Typically, an individual can qualify if he or she is unable to perform at least two of these daily activities.

When an accident occurs wherein the person sustains injuries that affects his or her physical capabilities or appearance for an extended time, such as months or a year, or permanently, it would be wise for them to consult with an experienced back injury attorney.

The odds of experiencing a long-term disability during one’s working years are, unfortunately, substantial.

The amount a seriously injured person receives in compensation is dependent upon how severe the injuries are. It is never advisable for an injured party to take on the legal system without an experienced attorney present; especially when the personal injury has negatively affected their life and it’s questionable if that person will ever fully recover.

If you have been injured because of the negligence of another person, attorney Gary G. Goldberg could help you gain appropriate monetary compensation for your injuries, all related medical bills could be paid and your family members will be provided for, and you will have the opportunity to work on getting better.


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