Why Choose Gary G. Goldberg Attorney at Law?

Riverside Personal Injury Attorney Who Can HelpNo matter how careful a driver you may be, sometimes accidents are inevitable. When you have been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to focus on is details and legal issues; you want to be able to focus on recovering from your injuries.  In order for this to happen, you should contact me. I am an experienced personal injury attorney in Riverside who can help you by protecting your rights and aggressively pursuing your compensation.

Believe it or not, the attorney you choose will have the biggest impact on the success or failure of your case.  The process of choosing the right attorney can be difficult, especially if you have never been through this type of experience before.  You want to choose an attorney who, first and foremost, practices personal injury law and deals with your type of personal injury case on a daily basis and is prepared to successfully navigate through the ins and outs of a personal injury claim.

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and expenses. I am an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you determine your legal options – I am successful in the courtroom and have a record of getting prompt settlements for my clients.

Riverside Personal Injury AttorneyI will listen to you and care about your case and your welfare. One of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing a personal injury attorney is to make sure your attorney is local and is familiar with the laws involved in your case. Finding an attorney who has an excellent reputation is also very important.  I have a reputation for being aggressive for my clients.  I am an attorney with the experience and ability to effectively pursue your case and get you the results and compensation you deserve, usually without the need for a lawsuit.

Injuries aren’t just a minor inconvenience; they are stressful and thoroughly change your life. An accident can leave you with the emotional and physical burden of recovery, as well as the financial struggle of not being able to provide for your family.

Life may not always be fair, but when it comes to choosing an attorney, the choice is up to you.  An attorney who has the skills and experience necessary to help you succeed in your case, without delay, can make a world of difference.  If you’re worried about paying attorney fees, I work on a contingency basis and get paid from the settlement you receive.

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