Riverside Fractures Attorney

As a fractures attorney in Riverside, I have had clients who have suffered from many different types of broken bones. Fractures are a break in the bone, resulting from a high force impact. Often extremely painful, fractures can pose serious health issues as well as affect your ability to work. Since many fractures include additional damage to surrounding tissue, blood vessels or organs, victims may require extended physical therapy or surgery. If not properly treated, complications can set in, including life-threatening infections.

Indications you may have a bone fracture can include:

  • A snap felt or heard
  • A bone that is bulging under the skin
  • Severe pain and/or swelling and bruising
  • Tingling and/or loss of feeling
  • Inability to move or use an injured body part

If you have suffered a fracture due to another person’s negligent actions, contact an experienced fracture injury lawyer. Call me first. I will investigate your incident, apprise you of your legal rights and help ensure that you are compensated for your damages, expenses and pain and suffering.

There are many types of fractures, including:

  • Simple fracture– little or no damage in surrounding tissue
  • Hairline fracture– bone fragments remain aligned
  • Compound fracture– bone is coming through skin
  • Avulsion fracture– muscles, tendons, ligaments pull from the bone – taking fragments of the bone
  • Spiral fracture– bone has been twisted
  • Comminuted fracture– bone is splintered, crushed or broken
  • Transverse fracture– break is across the bone at a right angle
  • Greenstick fracture– one side of bone breaks – other side is bent
  • Buckle – bone is bent but not broken

Broken bone injuries can have severe long-term effects on the victim, including the permanent loss of use of the injured body part.  Fracture injury cases can be very complex; it is important to contact an experienced Riverside broken bone injury attorney.  At the Law Office of Gary G. Goldberg, I understand how upsetting it can be to deal with a life-changing injury.  I will discuss your legal rights and options and work hard to obtain fair compensation for you.

Sometimes clients hesitate to call because they are under the mistaken understanding that it will cost them money to talk to an attorney. There is no cost to you to talk to me. Call me at (951) 788-8325.


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