Riverside Dog Bites Lawyer

Are you the victim of a dog bite?  Did you know that three out of four dog bite victims in the United States are children under the age of 15?  Perhaps it is because children are naturally curious; they want to touch everything in sight, especially cute, furry animals like dogs.  Although many dogs do not exhibit aggressive behavior, exciting a dog has the potential to tempt even the gentlest dog to bite. This is why you need to contact me, a Riverside dog bite lawyer, to help you handle your case.

Are you aware that every 40 seconds in America someone needs medical attention for a dog bite injury? It is unfortunate, but some people do not take the time to socialize their dogs with other dogs and people. By neglecting this responsibility, there can be devastating and lasting effects. It can result in catastrophic injuries such as permanent scarring, broken bones, severe lacerations, infection and even death.

If you or one of your children falls into this situation, get the help you need.  Call me, an experienced personal injury attorney in Riverside.  Proving fault in a dog bite can be complex and difficult, but I have what it takes to get the results you need.

It doesn’t matter if the bite comes from a friendly dog or a scary dog – some bites are relatively minor while some can be devastating.  Unless the victim was trespassing on another person’s property or purposely taunting the dog, the dog owner will usually be held liable for the resulting injuries.

If you or your child have been injured by a dog, call me at the Law Office of Gary G. Goldberg immediately. I know how to get results and will fight to ensure you get compensated for your injuries and expenses.

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