Brain Injuries in Sports

The popularity of contact sports in the United States exposes a large number of participants to risk for brain injury.

Recurrent brain injuries can be serious or fatal. However, they are also preventable.

Did you know that approximately 30,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries occur every year in the United States?

Most TBIs are mild to moderate in severity and can be classified as concussions. There is an increased risk for subsequent traumatic brain injuries among persons who have had at least one previous one.

Reports indicate that repeated mild brain injuries occurring over an extended period time, such as months or years, can result in cumulative neurologic and cognitive deficits. In addition, repeated mild brain injuries occurring within a short period, such as hours, days or weeks, can be catastrophic or fatal.

During the short time after a concussion injury, brain cells that are not irreversibly destroyed remain alive, but exist in a vulnerable state.

The risk for a second impact should be considered in a variety of sports associated with the likelihood of blows to the head. These sports include:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Ice or roller hockey
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Snow skiing

Neurologists say that once a person suffers a concussion, he or she is as much as four times more likely to sustain a second one. According to league officials, there are approximately 160 concussions in the N. F. L. and 70 in the N. H. L. every year. In addition, “Following head impact, athletes with any alteration in mental status, including transient confusion or amnesia with or without loss of consciousness, should not return to activity until examined by a healthcare provider familiar with these guidelines”.

Millions of athletes, from young children to professionals, suffer sports-related injuries every year. While these injuries are usually accidental, sometimes they can involve negligence and warrant legal action.

Even though parents sign school liability release forms, there can be exceptions if an injury results because of negligence. This can include a coach pushing an athlete too much, improper or defective gear, poor training or insufficient supervision.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious sports-related injury that may have been caused by negligence, you may want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate your case.

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